North American Kurdish Alliance

Friends Beyond the Mountains

Who Are The Kurds?

The Kurds are the largest stateless ethnic group on Earth. The home of the Kurds, Kurdistan, is the mountainous region that crosses the borders of present-day south-eastern Turkey, northern Iraq, western Iran, and northern Syria; each called Bakur, Bashur, Rojhilat, and Rojava, the Kurdish words for north, south, east, and west.

The Kurds have been persecuted and oppressed under all four nation-states that claim the land under their feet for generations. Kurds have been subjected to genocide, brutal repression, denied autonomy, and even the freedom to be Kurdish, to speak the language or practice Kurdish culture.

What Can I Do?

NAKA works to raise awareness about the Kurdish people and promote the rights of Kurds to live in freedom, security, and self-determination by working with stakeholders in Washington, through publicity campaigns, and with outreach with groups and individuals. We’d love for you to be a part.