About The North American Kurdish Alliance

501 (c) 4 Non-Profit

The North American Kurdish Alliance’s mission is to raise awareness about the Kurdish people and promote the rights of Kurds to live in freedom, security, and self-determination. NAKA works to raise awareness about the Kurdish people and promote the rights of Kurds to live in freedom, security, and self-determination by working with stakeholders in Washington, through publicity campaigns, and with outreach with groups and individuals.


The North American Kurdish Alliance is an unincorporated 501(c)4 non-profit. This means that donations to NAKA are not tax deductible, which allows NAKA to speak with policy-makers about important legislative and foreign policy issues.


NAKA requires that its board of directors is composed of at least 40% Kurds and at least 40% North Americans. It is also required to have at least 40% female and 40% male representation on the board. NAKA teams are lead by co-coordinators, one male, and one female.

What We Do

The Coordination Hub

NAKA hosts The Coordination Hub. The Hub is a place for those who support the Kurdish people, both groups of Kurds and groups in solidarity, to communicate and coordinate their efforts in North America. On the Coordination Hub page, individuals can find groups to join, find events in North America, or add their group or event.

Congressional Action Team

NAKA has been contacting legislators in the US Senate and House of Representatives to inform them about the Afrin genocide and ask if they support specific, key measures to compel Turkey and its jihadist allies to withdraw from Rojava. In addition to the Survey Legislators on Afrin Campaign, NAKA is working on its Stop Jihadist Jets Campaign, a public-facing campaign in support of a current Senate bill and House NDAA provision, which will each block the sale of F-35 fighter jets and potentially more arms sales to the Turkish, Erdoğan regime.

Publicity & Street Team

The North American Kurdish Alliance was created after a demonstration in Washington DC against the Turkish "president," Erdoğan, which resulted in attacks on Kurds and other demonstrators by Erdoğan’s personal security and other Turkish nationalists.

NAKA has organized several demonstrations since its creation and helped start the International Day of Solidarity with Afrin on March 24th, 2018, with other organizations. Currently, NAKA is developing its teams for rapid response and strong networks for wide reach.

Content & Social Media Team

A large part of NAKA's efforts is in its public-facing public relations and promotions, with a heavy focus on web-based platforms. Especially through its website, social media presence, and through online advertising, NAKA works to reach a diversity of audiences with the message of support for the Kurdish people, in creative, engaging ways. NAKA is currently developing its Content & Social Media Team to be able to publish more original content, utilize larger advertising campaigns to reach a wider audience, and develop its presence on other platforms that aren't as strong as its Facebook presence.

NAKA Teams

Congressional Action Team

This team communicates NAKA foreign policy positions to legislators and other policy-makers.

Publicity & Street Team

This team organizes public events, such as demonstrations, manages publicity, and implements NAKA PR policy.

Content & Social Media Team

This team writes content for the website, social media, the newsletter, ads, and print materials.

Membership & Partnership Team

This team handles recruitment, member management, and outreach with similarly oriented groups.

Funding Team

This team maintains NAKA assets. It's responsible for raising funds, accounting, and funding allocation requests.

Marketing & Branding Team

This team writes NAKA marketing strategy, develops the brand identity, graphic designs, and video production.

Web Presence Team

This team is responsible for dev, design, hosting, and maintenance of the NAKA website and its integration with all other web properties.

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