Survey Legislators on Afrin

A Campaign to Reach U.S. Legislators

NAKA has been contacting legislators in the US Senate and House of Representatives to inform them about the Afrin genocide and ask if they support specific, key measures to compel Turkey and its jihadist allies to withdraw from Rojava and cease hostilities against the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria.

The North American Kurdish Alliance is asking legislators in the US Senate and House of Representatives if they support the following measures:


  1. Immediate condemnation of the Turkish and jihadist invasion of Afrin.
  2. Demand for the immediate withdrawal and cessation of hostilities against Afrin and the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, with economic sanctions imposed until the Turkish state complies.
  3. Immediate cessation of arms sales to Turkey.
  4. Immediate implementation of a no-fly zone over northern Syria and Afrin in particular.
  5. Arm the YPG/YPG in Afrin with MANPADS to defend against Turkish bombings of civilians.

This campaign will conclude with an article, press releases, and announcements to NAKA membership of the positions of Congress. At the stage of the campaign, now, when most legislators have been contacted, the campaign switches to a public-facing campaign to encourage everyone to contact their legislators.

This is presently dovetailing well with legislation to block F-35 fighter jets, introduced April 26th, 2018, and a provision in the NDAA that prohibits the Defense Department from executing “the delivery of a foreign military sale for major defense equipment under Section 36 of the Arms Export Control Act to Turkey, until the report is complete."

If you'd like to help contact legislators on behalf of NAKA or help with the public-facing leg of the campaign, sign up to volunteer.

About The Afrin Genocide

The Federation is among few reliable allies of North America in the region. The Federation’s coalition of democratic forces, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), has liberated northern Syria from ISIS. The SDF fight for democracy and it’s in line with North American interests and core values to continue to support our allies and our friends.


Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is the current “president” of Turkey. Since he seized the Turkish state, he has imposed genocidal attacks and extreme repression against Turkey’s Kurdish population, in the occupied Kurdish region, known as Bakurê Kurdistanê, which constitutes about 20% of Turkey’s population. Since Erdoğan seized the presidency, he has used a questionable coup to arrest political opposition, more than 110,000 people, and to advance a referendum for sweeping dictatorial powers, and to target anyone who opposes his tyrannical rule as “terrorists.” This wolf is the boy who cried “terrorist,” while supporting actual terrorists.


Since the Syrian civil war began in 2011, Turkey has cooperated closely with the Salafi jihadist Ahrar al-Sham, whose leaders were al-Qaeda members in Afghanistan. Turkey lent support to jihadists from al-Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate, Jabhat Fatah al-Sham (formerly the al-Nusra Front). Until recently, Erdoğan’s state allowed foreign fighters through its borders to join ISIS in Syria, who were often found with Turkish passports and clear material support from Turkey.


Now, Erdoğan is using the same jihadist groups to wage a war on Afrin, which could end the same as the massacre as we saw in Şingal, when Salafi jihadists of DAESH murdered, enslaved, and raped the Yazidi people. Erdoğan’s operation has already committed numerous war crimes, human rights violations, and has predominantly killed civilians in indiscriminate attacks.


There is a Kurdish saying that the Kurds have “no friends but the mountains.” Let’s be the friends beyond the mountains, as there couldn’t be a more clear friend for secular, democratic values against tyranny.

Stop Afrin Genocide