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Kurds fought and crushed DAESH (ISIS). Kurds have fought the yoke of tyranny for generations. Today, Kurds are fighting for their rights to live in freedom, security, and self-determination. Despite generations of oppression, persecution, and genocide from all four states that claim the land under their feet, and violence from brutal militias, the Kurds persist and they deserve friends beyond the mountains. Through strengthened bonds and hard work from volunteers, we can help each other and help North American policy-makers and other stakeholders support the people of Kurdistan. With your help, we can make a difference and be the friends beyond the mountains.

Support Afrin!

Turkey Is Invading Right Now!

The Turkish regime of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan declares any opposition to his rule to be terrorists. He has claimed that the democratic, secular, Kurdish self-governed regions in Syria provide cover for terrorists to prepare and perpetrate terror attacks inside Turkey.  The truth is that Erdoğan fears any Kurdish self-determination anywhere because it can only call attention to the shameful, brutal treatment by the Turkish state towards its Kurdish minority.  The truth is that Turkey wages war against its own population in a way that is contrary to the principles of NATO, an organization Turkey has used cynically as a fig leaf to cover its misdeeds.

DC Street

Now Turkey is using actual terrorists – members of militias loyal to al Qaeda, plus Syrians and non-Syrians who fought for ISIS – to attack civilians in and around Afrin.  Afrin has been at peace for 3 years, and has become a safe haven for refugees of the seemingly endless Civil War that still rages elsewhere in Syria.  The United States and its European allies never had a clear strategy for any phase of the conflict in Syria. However, there has always been a secular, democratic force available for the West to support, a force that defeated ISIS on the ground, that never fled from nor handed their weapons to terrorists, that acknowledges, honors and respects women – the democracy established by the Kurds of Rojava.  It is contrary to the short and long-term interests of the United States and the EU to allow its most loyal, dependable, secular democratic ally in the Middle East to be systematically destroyed by a treaty-bound “ally” that seeks support from Russia and Islamist terror organizations because of its determination to cling to a racist, nationalist agenda.

NAKA is currently contacting all legislators in the US House and Senate. We are asking if they support the measures outlined in this release by Newroz, March 21, 2018. On that date, we will be writing an article informing our members and a press release informing the public on the position of Congress. To join NAKA in our campaign to contact legislators, signup with the volunteer form below.

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